Hard Drive Destruction


Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

When a tape, disc, or hard drive reaches the end of its life cycle it’s important that it does not get forgotten about.

Your hard drive can contain thousands of sensitive files, which if discovered unexpectedly by the wrong individual, might mean trouble for you down the road. Choosing to have your confidential records as well as electronic information destroyed by professionals, means you don’t have to worry about this risk. Cyber crime and information theft are on the rise and without these preventative measures in place you could very well be targeted. Why not take every precaution possible with simple, cost-effective and fast destruction services!

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Erasing does not guarantee data removal.

Reformatting doesn’t delete data that is currently being stored on your device. In fact, even with reformatting in place your hard drives will still have a record of the information that was stored on them – data (often confidential) that can be retrieved by virtually anyone with simple computer skills. With that said, erasing a hard drive can create a false sense of security which can be alarming for business owners. The information may appear to be gone to the eye, but it is still accessible to those who are determined and skilled to find it. Don’t be fooled by this attempt at data removal; keep your company, customers and clients, safe from falling victim to electronic data theft. Secure Shredding & Recycling will successfully destroy your hard drives with our hard drive destruction capabilities and make sure that your private information stays private for good.

We guarantee the data on your electronic media is removed safely and most of all, permanently.

You can have peace of mind in knowing that your confidential data will remain impossible to recover.

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The only way to really protect your information is to make the decision to have your hard drives or other electronic media, physically destroyed.

Degaussing or “wiping” is not enough to ensure that hard drives are free from data; the only way to really protect your information is to make the decision to have your hard drives or other electronic media, physically destroyed. Our media destruction services follow a strict chain of custody, protecting your identity from start to finish. Whether you choose to have your electronic data destroyed on-site at your location or off-site at our facility, we will make sure the highest levels of professionalism and security are in place. We use lockable disposal bins, GPS-tracked vehicles, and a high-security facility to offer you endless options and convenience. Furthermore, your information is tracked every step of the way so that your hard drives – and the valuable data that was on them — is securely and permanently destroyed. Following the destruction process, we will always provide our clients with a Certificate of Destruction at the end of the process and can even arrange for you to witness the destruction process for your own peace of mind.

Advantages of Hard Drive Destruction

Data is Permanently Destroyed and Unrecoverable

It’s important to understand that if the intent and skill is there, criminals can easily access data that’s left on an “erased” hard drive, tape, or disc; these could be partially damaged or electronic media that has been thrown away in the trash. Simply put, wiping a hard drive doesn’t guarantee that information has been deleted permanently at all. The only method of disposal that ensures your data is 100% unrecoverable, is through physical hard drive destruction, using specialized industry equipment. Through this method and this method only, can you rest assured that all data is removed indefinitely.

Compliance with Critical Privacy Legislation

A data destruction company is made up of trained experts, specializing in what it takes to deliver quality and reliable services. Our team receives on-going industry training, so that we remain up-to-date on any and all regulations in place that pertain to destroying hard drives and other electronic media. At Secure Shredding & Recycling we are responsible for following these specific laws with every procedure we perform; your company will remain secure, protected and in compliance when you partner with our professionals for your needs. You’ll no longer have to stress and worry about the potential of fines related to non-compliance, as your hard drives will be disposed of properly according to the laws in place for data found on hard drives.

Avoid Costly Fines

Any business regardless of its size or specialized industry, could be required to pay substantial fines if it is discovered they disposed of their hard drives in a negligent manner. Essentially, a security breach could cost you thousands of dollars in fines if the severity is extreme enough. The positive news? This threat is entirely preventable when you hire a professional team to look after the safe destruction of your sensitive information.

Regain Valuable Office Space

Storing old hard drives can use of a significant portion of your office space that could be used for more beneficial purposes. This is especially the case if you already struggle with enough space to begin with. Save space, hassle, and time and have your hard drives collected for secure destruction. By hiring a professional hard drive destruction company like Secure Shredding & Recycling, you can have confidence in knowing your data is in the best hands.

We are a certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction.

NAID is dedicated to the information destruction industry and requires adherence to a strict code of conduct. Our AAA certification holds us to a stringent standard of hiring, training, and service practices. Secure Shredding & Recycling has achieved the highest level of certification in the document destruction and hard drive destruction industry.

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