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Why Is Computer Equipment Destruction Important?

Proper disposal of your computer and other electronic hardware is an essential aspect of your business’s security. These devices house confidential information, from passwords to account numbers and personal information. When it’s time to get rid of old hardware, it is important to follow local destruction laws to make sure that your information is protected….

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Why Should You Choose a Financial Document Shredding Company in Beaumont?

Are your company’s documents safe? Sadly, when it comes to many businesses, the answer is no. There are often several vulnerable areas in terms of where sensitive information is stored and how it is maintained. And, all too often, thieves take advantage of these vulnerabilities for their own gain. However, as a professional, there are…

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When Should I Shred My Financial Documents?

Determining which financial documents to shred depends on the age of the document. For example, some documents may be worth holding on to for at least seven years or more. This includes tax records that may come in handy during tax audits. But, other documents like credit card offers should be shredded immediately. Otherwise, accounts…

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How One-Time Document Shredding Services Can Pay Off

If you manage a business or organization, you know how quickly and easily sensitive information can pile up. New hire documents, client papers, insurance forms, tax information⁠—it all has to go somewhere. In some cases, it may end up in filing cabinets that don’t offer much protection. Other times it may spill outside of storage…

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Document Destruction in Houston Helps Keep You Safe

Do you ever have concerns about fraud or your identity being stolen? Don’t let fear run your life when you can take simple steps to avoid these fears from coming true. Destroying certain documents of yours can help prevent identity theft and fraud from ever occurring. However, there are specific ways to destroy these documents…

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Document Shredding Made Easy for You in Slidell

Do you leave important documents lying around and not even think about them? Are you ever scared that your identity could be stolen? With information theft and fraud cases on the rise across the United States, it has become more critical than ever to ensure you do everything you can to protect yourself. Unfortunately, many…

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How a Document Destruction Company in Jacksonville Can Prevent a Data Breach

Data breaches can be severely damaging to your company. And these aren’t just caused by hacking or phishing of digital files. Printed documents and files saved on hard drives can be as vulnerable to breaches as online information, especially when they aren’t safely disposed of! But with the help of Secure Shredding and Recycling, your…

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3 Reasons to Choose a Shredding Company for Your Beaumont Business

If you own a business, there’s a strong chance that you’ve collected a lot of paperwork over the years. Even though many documents are stored digitally these days, there are often physical backups stored away in filing cabinets, desks, and other areas. And over time, these papers can begin to pile up. Each time a…

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How Secure Shredding’s Services Keep Businesses Safer During the Holiday Season

When the holiday season draws near, it’s all too common to see a rise in identity theft. An increase in online shopping drives those numbers, but another key source of identity theft exists offline. When documents aren’t disposed of properly, it can create a treasure trove of information for identity thieves. Information such as credit…

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How a Shredding Company Improves Your Beaumont Business

If you haven’t made the switch to digital documentation yet, you may have stacks on stacks of paper documents cluttering your office. Even if you scan your documents for digital use, the remaining papers contain sensitive information that cannot simply be thrown into the trash. Increase your office space, enhance your security, and protect your…

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