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Getting Rid of a Hard Drive? Not Without This Step!

Hard drives are found in almost every electronic device we use today, from computers to smartphones and office copiers. In many cases, they’re absolutely essential to the way we do business. For some companies, they’ve replaced file cabinets, binders, phonebooks, and office libraries. With the amount of information we entrust to these devices, it’s still…

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Easing Back Into The Office: How Mobile Shredding Can Help

As businesses slowly explore reopening in the future, there are plenty of things to consider. Many are opening with reduced staff, or rotating staff in and out to maintain a safe environment. It may take a while to figure out exactly what new daily operations will look like, but there is one question that businesses…

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The Care, Keeping, and Disposal of Data Backups

Information is the cornerstone of how the world turns. We use information on a daily basis to figure out who we have to email, what we have to do, where we have to go (and how to get there), and how our businesses are doing. Now, imagine what it would be like to arrive at…

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How To Prepare Your Small Business For Summer

We’re well into the early days of spring, and already, we’re looking forward to the summer. Many small businesses have mixed feelings about this season. Whether sales are up or down, there are always unique considerations that must be made. Changes in staff scheduling, specific stock orders, and variable weather are only a few examples…

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How to Know if You Need a Shredding Service for Old Taxes

National Tax Day is April 15th, and if you haven’t already begun compiling your relevant papers, chances are good that it’s a task you’ll need to tackle in the next few weeks. Once your yearly taxes have been filed, however, what do you do with your copy? How long do you have to keep all…

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To our valued customers: we are remaining strong, dedicated to supporting our people and our community and we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our customers and staff safe. We would like to let you know that: We will remain open for business at this time. We plan to continue our operations for as…

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Our Top 5 Free Resources for Entrepreneurs in Lake Charles

Owning your own business is an exciting, convoluted, rewarding journey. However, like any journey, it helps to have a map of where you’re going and where you should stop along the way. We’re immensely proud of Secure Shredding & Recycling and its growth (we now have two, not one, off-site shredding locations), but we started…

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Is Your Home Office as Safe as It Should Be?

  There aren’t many drawbacks to working from home. It can improve employee productivity, schedules are more flexible, and, of course, there’s always the option to wear your favorite fuzzy slippers to work. As of 2017, around 8 million Americans worked from home, and the home office has become as much of a household staple…

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The Perfect Gift for the New Year: Purge Shredding Service

Sometimes, it’s just hard to shop for people. It can be even harder to try and figure out what to ask for, especially if you’re in charge of figuring out what shiny new thing to pool the company funds towards. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, there is something that’s always a…

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How to Secure the 10 Most Vulnerable Places in Your Office

If you asked any business owner to leave their front doors unlocked at night, they’d laugh at you. The idea of leaving private files and company belongings open to the public is inconceivable. Whether it’s information or stock, everyone understands the risk of theft from unauthorized intruders. However, what you may not realize is that…

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