How to Secure the 10 Most Vulnerable Places in Your Office

If you asked any business owner to leave their front doors unlocked at night, they’d laugh at you. The idea of leaving private files and company belongings open to the public is inconceivable. Whether it’s information or stock, everyone understands the risk of theft from unauthorized intruders. However, what you may not realize is that…

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5 Ways A Shredding Service Makes You Irresistible to Customers

There’s been a lot of talk about why a shredding service is a great investment for businesses. It cuts down on office clutter, reduces the risk of company information being compromised, and saves employees time that they’d otherwise have to spend hunched over a machine, shredding page by page. CEOs love it because of the…

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Guaranteed Irretrievable: Destruction Services

There’s an inherent risk in throwing something into the public trash. Once it leaves your hand and your trash can, it is out of your control. Anyone with the inclination (and maybe a weak sense of smell) can fish through thrown-out garbage bags until they find something valuable. And “something valuable” can be something as…

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Is Your Business Shredding the Right Documents?

                        For several organizations, turning to document shredding has become an important aspect of internal document security, improving day-to-day operations at the same time. This is particularly the case because there has recently been a mass realization that information security is truly vital to…

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Are You Familiar with a Clean Desk Policy? Here’s Why it Works

If you’re familiar with our company, you will know that we are professionals in the information security industry, providing effective services that essentially help to keep your sensitive information organized and most importantly secure. Our services also assist in your compliance with critical privacy legislation, which you have a legal responsibility to uphold. With all…

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